Friday, October 31, 2008

Diva in the "Turd Garden"

If you listen closely at the end, you can hear Hubster "howling" from inside the house to try to distract Diva from the "video shoot"... needless to say, it worked! :-)

Cute Doggie Costume

Although this isn't my dog, I thought this was a really cute costume. (Princess Leia, from "Star Wars"). :-)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Diva, the Honorary 5th Grade Girl

My daughter had her 11th birthday party Friday night.
We had a whole HERD (gaggle? flock?) of 10 and 11 year old girls DESCEND upon the house Friday night for pizza, cake, ice cream, squealing over the Jonas Brothers, make-overs, and general madness.

Ruby (our "senior" dog), my husband, and our almost 13 year old son "hid out" upstairs while I chaperoned (read: LOOSELY controlled) the madness downstairs...

Actually, it was a blast! Girls at this age are SUCH fun! They have yet to become insecure adolescents (thank GOD!), they're smart; they're funny; they're opinionated (but not in an obnoxious way)... and we really all had a great time together.

Diva had NO problem keeping up with them and they LOVED her! Diva was beaming ear to floppy ear! (I really should have taken some video and still can't believe I didn't!!) There was one particularly funny moment when the girls were running (in a sugar-fueled frenzy) around the downstairs and Diva started chasing them, and then the girls were squealing and Diva started blissfully barking, and it was just so darn cute. I really think Diva thought she was an honorary 5th grader. Very sweet indeed. :-)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rowdy Doggies (New Video 10-22-08)

KBL, you have INSPIRED me to put a new video of my puppies up on the blog!
This was shot in my VERY messy home office/guest bedroom/JUNK ROOM!
You'll hear me allude to Ruby's breath which was HORRIBLE! :-)
Enjoy the video!